Land Mini Collection

Land Mini Collection

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All your favourite Land bars in mini form.

Now includes our Tanzanian Dark Chocolate bar.

1 x Toasted White Chocolate W/ Nibs (38% cocoa) - Butterscotch, Caramel, Light Fruit

1 x Guatemalan Milk (54% cocoa) - Caramel, honey, raisin

1 x Venezuelan Oat M*lk (58% cocoa) - Nuts, fudge, Butterscotch

1 x Malt Dark (65% cocoa) - Malt, Coffee, Cocoa

1 x Nicaliso Dark ( 73% cocoa) - Citrus, black olive, tannin

1 x Tanzania Dark (85% cocoa) - Apricot, dried fruit, hazelnut

Each bar is 25g


Cocoa bean, organic cane sugar, milk powder, malt barley grain, cocoa butter.

Made in a factory that uses dairy, gluten and nuts.

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  • Distinguished flavour, unique to each terrain

  • Chocolate that is true to it’s source

  • Ethical trading at 3x Fairtrade price