64% Thailand Dark Chocolate + Toasted Sesame +Salt

64% Thailand Dark Chocolate + Toasted Sesame +Salt

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(64% Thailand Dark Chocolate with Toasted Sesame and Salt)

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A very unique and progressive bar that juggles three elements: dark chocolate, sesame seeds and sea salt flakes. It's a real Khruangbin (thai for "airplane") ride of bouncy flavours and gorgeous chocolate notes. A resounding "yum!" will follow after each bite. 

Origin: Chantaburi, Thailand 

Tasting Notes: Lemongrass, sesame, salt


Cocoa bean, organic cane sugar, malt barley grain, cocoa butter, sesame seed, salt.

Made in a workshop that uses dairy, gluten and nuts.

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  • Distinguished flavour, unique to each terrain

  • Chocolate that is true to it’s source

  • Ethical trading at 3x Fairtrade price