57% Dominican Republic Oat M*lk

57% Dominican Republic Oat M*lk

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(57% Dominican Republic Oat M*lk )

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Continuing in style and shape as it's predecessor, this Oat M*lk chocolate bar has not only been revamped in beauty and style, it has also been given a new origin. Öko-Caribe (or “eco-Caribe,” in German) is a high quality bean grown in Dominican Republic. It's a crowd-pleasing 'go-go' bar for all people who desire a chocolate moment...just for themselves.

Origin: Dominican Republic – Single origin

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, fudge, Marzipan


Cocoa bean, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter, gluten-free oat flour*

*Made in a workshop that uses dairy, gluten and nuts.


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  • Distinguished flavour, unique to each terrain

  • Chocolate that is true to it’s source

  • Ethical trading at 3x Fairtrade price